Musings around Grief

Hi Guys,


Welcome to my blog. I'm Gbenga of Stiksphoto and I want to welcome you to my journal. Probably not the best topic to start a journal with, but I do have a strong connection with emotion and it's something I would always like to be highlighted in my work. I'm yet to perfect that skill but I had an opportunity to document funeral proceedings a few months back. It's not something new cos I guess you'd say I'm a photographer, I should be able to do that; but truth is I've never been to a burial before this was my first !! 

Anyways I was looking up Wiki  for a definition that describes what I saw during my experience and the simple fact is that, Grief is just a natural response to loss be it physical, emotional or abstract.

I visibly saw this emotion in my journey through the ceremonies. The end of the year normally marks a period of reflection for me as many others as we beckon upon a new year. Its also my birth month which makes it even more special